System construction

Efficiency and quality in system construction: that’s what makes our solutions stand out

Your partner for reliable assembly

HAKAMA is an industrialisation partner for a wide range of sectors – from the concept to application. In each of our departments we count on the utmost care, efficiency and quality assurance. The same applies to system construction, where we implement the complete assembly of your system: this includes partial and final assembly as well as the integration of external components and the testing of electrical or mechanical components and system functionality. Our qualified processes offer you maximum flexibility and the highest reliability.


We make short work of it

The assembly process is precisely defined in close cooperation between our experts and you. In our assembly department, all components of your product are brought together, verified and documented. The assembly infrastructure is set up according to your requirements and products. In addition, we are constantly looking for ways to optimise our assembly systems. Any improvement is carried out, controlled and documented in close consultation with our customers.


Certified in accordance withISO 9001 and ISO 13485

Our certified process structure enables us to ensure that your assembly orders meet all requirements – with minimum fault tolerance and maximum process reliability.


Workstations with a system

Cutting-edge workstations allow safe and efficient assembly, even for complex products.


Everything at the ready thanks to optimum logistics

Process-optimised logistics not only supply the system construction team with assemblies from our own production, but also organise deliveries from third parties should you require their components for your products. This holistic management allows us to simplify your supply chains and achieve shorter lead times.


Excellence through enthusiasm: our team 

Our motivated team of system construction specialists offers you professional expertise in all areas of product implementation and product life cycle management, thus ensuring the highest product quality and adherence to delivery dates.


The safe choice for quality  

After completion of the assembly work, the assemblies and systems are subjected to perfectly documented process and/or functional tests.