Surface Finishes

Impressive surface finishes: versatile, unique, antibacterial

In terms of surface optimisations, HAKAMA offers numerous methods in collaboration with a network of specialist providers.

Our services include:

Surface coating

In cooperation with experts, we implement the following surface coating methods:

  • Powder coating and wet painting in accordance with RAL/NCS colour charts
  • Colourless, blue, yellow, olive and black zinc coating
  • Tin plating
  • Nickel plating
  • Chromium plating
  • Anodising
  • Electrolytic polishing
  • Etching
  • Alodine 400 colourless and Alodine 160 yellowish (substitute for colourless and yellow chromium plating)
  • Teflon coating

Laser marking

Laser markings are extremely durable and forgery-proof. We can implement any motif, from serial numbers to micro-graphics to logos – all completely personalised. Sequential numbering is also possible. The type of marking depends on the material and laser parameters: from annealing colour and engraving to change of colour or insulation of the surface. With our picosecond laser, we have one of the most modern laser marking systems in Switzerland at our disposal.


Engravings are particularly impressive thanks to their elegant appearance and prove to be wear-free, abrasion-resistant and forgery-proof. Using a computer-controlled engraving machine, we mill sharp-contoured letters, writing or emblems into metal. Hard materials such as stainless steel are perfect for this. Colour application is also possible.

Screen printing

We work with our long-term partners to carry out screen printing processes for housings. The printed motifs have good adherence and are abrasion-resistant. Screen prints are reproducible can be done at a low cost in large print runs.

Single-coloured and multi-coloured prints are both possible – even for delicate pictures or text. A firing process in an oven ensures optimum durability of the prints.