Laser Marking

Jet-black laser markings: precise, permanent, abrasion resistant.

Smart housings bring a bright, shiny future to modern medical technology

The new ultra-short-pulse laser brings new, exciting possibilities to the field of medical engineering.  Perfection for perfect laser marking on metals of all kinds, which we are attaching to our latest thin sheet-metal solutions for appliances from well-known manufacturers with excellent advantages:

  • For virtually any material

  • Even on painted surfaces

  • Extremely resistant to abrasive, chemical and radiation stress

  • Same contrast with all incident light and viewing angles

  • Inexpesnsive  than screen printing

  • Continius serial numbers are possible

Optimal precision and rapid


Rich blackening of metal surfaces can be achieved by using the ultra-short-pulse laser, the unique PERMAblack method or even dark marking. The markings and lettering created with this laser appear deep black and, unlike annealing colours, appear the same regardless of the viewing angle.

If corrosion-resistant parts are marked in black with the ultra-short-pulse laser in a process known as black marking, then no subsequent passivation (protection against corrosion) of the marked surface is required, unlike laser labelling with a nanosecond laser.

One particularly interesting application is the dark or black marking of anodised aluminium. In this case, no change can be seen in the surface structure even under an electron microscope. However the marking or lettering is deep black, regardless of the viewing angle, and completely resistant to wear.

Metals or metal alloys that are suitable for this process include: stainless steels, various medical-grade steels, copper, fine metals such as gold, anodised or untreated aluminium, and many more.

The high precision of the laser lettering or laser marking on all metals and its permanent legibility throughout the products' lifetime, under even the most challenging conditions and critical influencing factors, is especially crucial in the following sectors:


Experience our powerful and our high-precision processing methods for perfect laser marking, give us a call and check out the comparison with a more conventional laser labelling method.

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