Set new standards with a holistic approach to engineering.

Innovative concepts for your engineering

We adopt a holistic approach to engineering that includes the en-tire life cycle of the product. From the initial idea via the development of the first prototypes through to the serial production and product optimisation, we provide competent and transparent support. Based on our extensive experience, we develop expert solutions in close cooperation with our customers. 
If required, we can also carry out development work on site at your premises. To do this, our engineer will fit into your organisation and work directly with your employees. Structuring innovative concepts, translating them into commercially viable production processes and then producing them according to requirements – these are precisely the areas that we consider our strengths as experienced engineering partners and long-standing manufacturers of functional sheet-metal solutions.


Industrialisation: focusing on the result right from the outset

From the very beginning of the engineering process, we focus on scalable production processes and ensuring product integration into the customer’s subsequent processes. By doing so, not only do we concentrate on the immediate challenges of the production process, we also optimise the product to fit your needs right at the beginning. With cutting-edge technologies, accuracy and quality, we create products that are functional, economical and efficient – for optimal results.


Process expertise at every stage

With our proven systems engineering we define the ideal product architecture, the appropriate technologies, the design and development specifications as well as the verification and validation strategy.
We place your technology at the centre of development. For optimal results we rely on structured processes from planning to implementation. This also implies a constant, critical analysis of the finished product and the production process: detecting and solving problems instantly not only saves time, but also money.


Project schedule

Project planning including intensive feasibility study

Even before our project management and engineering departments start with the project planning, a comprehensive feasibility study is conducted according to a specifications sheet supplied by the customer. This consists of the following steps: checklists, technical feasibility, development plan, conformity testing and risk analysis.
The results of the individual steps are fed into the offer. A project plan is then drawn up in close consultation with the customer.



The development phase now launches based on an iterative process: development statuses and alternative constructions as well as advantages/disadvantages of the various solutions are documented in detail. Customer changes to the requirements are also subjected to intensive feasibility tests (see above). Here, too, we at HAKAMA rely on a transparent exchange: the original project plan is adjusted in accordance with the new requirements if necessary and agreed with the customer.



The designs are tested and improved based on iterative processes during the development stage.



Thorough checks are then conducted to verify whether the final design meets the requirements of the offer, and physical tests determine whether the product meets the demands. The customer also conducts a validation of the product.



Following the customer’s approval, the development results are then handed over for production in a coordinated manner. The production department then begins to manufacture the products in series in accordance with specifications.


Your project partner

At HAKAMA all services come from a single source. We also assist you with the evaluation of externally supplied parts. Of course, you will always have one dedicated contact person for all processes. Thanks to the immediate proximity of our engineers to the production process, we find the most efficient way to achieve an optimal result right from the design phase.