A recognisable name from the outset: HAberthür, KAsper, MAriastein

From the very beginning, HAKAMA has been delivering outstanding achievements in sheet metal processing: in 1956, founders Othmar Haberthür and Ernst Kasper started a successful metalworking company for lighting fixtures and household appliances in Mariastein. In the 1970s, the next generation broke new ground. Under managing directors Marius Haberthür and Fritz Kaspar, HAKAMA became a development partner for the demanding pharmaceutical and electronic industries. The machining facilities were expanded with CNC punching technology, which was ground-breaking at the time. Early 2000 saw a boom in the telecommunications industry – and also for HAKAMA: newly hired engineers offered innovative solutions to the constant new challenges. Thanks to production islands and multi-shift operation, production was running at full speed. In 2010, INDUS Holding AG acquired a 60 per cent share in the company. In 2013, it became the sole owner. HAKAMA thus gained financial security enabling it to face up to any future challenges.